Birthday? 01 October

Hometown? Cape Town

Sponsors? RED Surf, Oakley Sunglasses, Island Style Accessories, Battery Energy Drink, AAD Nissan Milnerton, REEF Wetsuits, Freestyle Watch Co, Boost Surf Shop and Vida E Caffe! Thank you to PLUS PLUS MINUS for the awesome website!

What is the best and worst thing about your hometown? The best thing is that the surf is fun and usually un-crowded. The worst thing is that the water is pretty cold all year round.

Height? 5ft 4 inches

Stance? Natural

How long have you been surfing for? Since 1999

How were you introduced to surfing? What got you started?
I was a Nipper down at my local lifesaving club, so my family was down at the beach every Sunday. I started body boarding and quickly got bored with it and decided to take up surfing instead!

What was your first board? It was AWESOME! 5’8 swallow tail, bright pink twin fin (with a removable centre fin) and about 12 channels on the bottom. I would do ANYTHING to get it back!

What Boards do you ride these days? My everyday boards are 5’8 x 18 x 2 1/8 squash tails. Then I have boards up to 6’6 for when the waves get a bit bigger or more powerful.

Fav Shaper? I usually ride boards shaped by Baron Stander.

No of Career Victories? 25

Career Highlights? Representing my country twice was awesome. Also, I have been WP Champion for the last 5 years; I will say that any contest victory is a highlight!

Fav International Surfers? Mick Fanning, Dane Reynolds

Fav South African Surfers? Dylan Stone, Ricky Basnett

Fav Wave? Indo, Vic By, Scottburgh, New Pier, the waves at home

Fav surf movies of all time? First Chapter, Bustin’ Down the Door, Endless Summer, Fanning the Fire, Taylor Steele movies, Dude Cruise

Fav turn, or turn you want to master? I like doing reverses and carves. Id love to make airs easily!!

Dream session?
Warm water, a barreling right-hander with long wall and a boost section at the end.