O.C.A.M.P Day 4

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Monday Day 4-  5:00 Wake up call. Back to the left at Seals Beachie. Offshore. Low tide. Breaking really fast. Freesurf. 3hr coaching sesh with Hynsie. Hard work. Mock heats. Difficult to pick the good waves. Greg went flipping mad – he gets so much speed its incredible. Everybody is surfing their best. Back to the palace around 11:00. Huge breakfast spread waiting for us. Pack up after breakie. Check the surf. Goodbyes and THANK YOU’S at the beach. Home.

Thanks to OAKLEY SA for putting on such an awesome camp. We have all improved and learnt ALOTTTT. Watch out for the Oakley Team this year folks.

All pics Craig Kolesky/Sandisk

O.C.A.M.P Days 1 + 2 +3

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Friday Day 1 - Woke up early, like really early. 3:30 early. Left Cape Town at 4am. Got to J Bay around 12:00 to find CRANKING 4-5ft waves. We all got out there asap and ended up having two rad sessions. Greg and Davey were on form, it’s crazy how well those guys surf Jbay. It’s such a difficult wave and they have it SO dialed. Makes me jealous. haha. I also saw Tammy-Lee get a cracker. That also made me jealous haha. From what i saw Royden was the standout, he rips at Jbay. He gets so critical and vert – it’s silly. He’s such a chilled, mellow dude but when he hits the water he goes nuts. I got some bombs – definitely one of the best surfs I have had out there. Oh ya – I saw Shaun J doing some RAD frontside fins free turns and a mad air reverse. I’m learning from these boys. Friday night we had a meet and greet with the Oakley South Africa family and we got spoilt ! Thanxxxx guys.

Saturday Day 2 - 6:00 wake up call. We got robbed. In Seal Point. They took laptops, video and camera gear. Not Rad. Learnt pre heat warm-up techniques with Lawrence. Got to the surf mid-morning. The Beachie. 3ft. A couple bigger sets. Left Bank. Coaching with Hynsie. Royden got so pitted. Shaun got upside down on a backside air reverse. I got a couple. Davey put his fins out on every turn. Royden made a SICK frontside double grab. Tammy went vert. Lungani dropped in on me and smashed the wave all the way to the beach. Matt is 12 and surfs like he is 14. Greg didn’t surf cos ETV came to interview us all. Sat arvo we had a life coaching sesh with Jackie followed by some average howling onshore baby waves at the point. Still fun though. Dinner at Barrons. Lank tired – BED. Sleep.

Sunday Day 3 - 6:00 wake up. 7:00 warm-ups with Lawrence. 7:30 till 12:00 mock heat coaching with Hynsie. Hard work. Fun waves way down the beach. Lunch. Down Time… That’s right now. West is up////// Hoping for fun waves later.

All photos - CRAIG KOLESKY


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Huh? Super fun West Coast sessions.
I love the WESKUS. No crowds, cold water, funfunfun.

++ Water Shots (c) Duncan van Niekerk++


++Land Shots (c) Craig Kolesky -www.craigkolesky.com ++