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Just found this old pic in my photo dairy book.

It’s from the photobooth at the 2010 OAKLEY Sunnies launch at The Grand in Cape Town haha. Me, Tammy-Lee Smith and Thalente! Free drinks this night, can you tell?IMG00331-20101116-1647

Oakley pro junior

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Hi there. Hello. I flew to East London last night to visit my good mate Nikita Robb. I woke up with a banging head after a big jol at Buc’s last night. Good to catch up. Dance floor madness. I may post pics. Or not.

Woke up early and drove to Port Alfred to check out the 2010 Oakley Pro Junior. Click the pic for the official event site.OPJ logo.jpg

Was awesome to catch up with the Oakley South Africa crew and also to see all the grommies surfing in the event. I don’t get to see the junior girls and boys surf very often and I was stoked with the standard of surfing. Good stuff. Very good stuff. The waves at the comp site looked FUNFUNFUN, 3-5ft clean and running along the sand bar. I would love to have been out there. Next time. I filmed Nikita, Alice and Bianca freesurfing at West Pier, the waves weren’t great that side of the pier BUT we got some HILARIOUS wipeout footage (Nikita never disappoints when it comes to wipeouts) and I will chuck the video up on the site soon. Also have to mention that I had a double thick large FRIESLANDS milkshake today. Stunning. Also going to have one tomorrow. And one on Sunday.

Here are some pics from the GoPro camera:


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Thursday 4 March. The Grand Beach Club. Granger Bay. Oakley South Africa threw one biiiiiig  jol for their 2010 Eyewear launch.  Anybody who cracked the nod for an invite went home stoked. Free Drinks, free Dinner and free Oakley Sunglasses. Woke up with a banging head on Friday morning. But it was so worth it. Thursday is the new Friday.


2010 styles that I recommend -




Here are some pics from the launch party ! Click to view the gallery.